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Sec 4 Sports and Wellness: Individual Fitness Plan

Hello All, 

You will need to fill in this copy of your individual fitness plan. Select up to a maximum of 2 stations that you would like to focus on in preparation for your NAPFA. 

Individual Fitness Plan

Name: _____________________________________________________ Class: S4-0____

1. NAPFA station to improve: ___________________ Mock Test Score:_______________

Please design and plan a 5 week programme for the item you want to improve.

Please consider the various Principles of Training, Methods of Training and apply the F.I.T.T. formula in the designing and planning of your individual fitness programme.

Principles of Training                                       Methods of Training
– Principle of Specificity Fartlek Training
P – Principle of Progression Interval Training
O – Principle of Overload Circuit Training
R – Principle of Reversibility Strength Training
T – Principle of Tedium (Variance) Plyometric Training

F.I.T.T. Formula
F - Frequency (minimum of 3 times a week)
I – Intensity (varies speed, load, repetition, set, duration)
T – Time (duration for continuous training)
T – Type (aerobic, anaerobic)

Note: You can adjust your workout along the way to suit your ability.

Exercise and Workout Programme.

NAPFA station: Pull-Up
Exercise Programme example:
Week Number: ________

SW Session 1:
Exercises: Assisted Pull-Up (4 to 6 reps x 3 sets) 

SW Session 2:
Grip strength training: Bar Grip and hold for 10 to 15 seconds x 3 sets
Exercises: Assisted Pull-Up (4 to 6 reps x 3 sets)

Rest: 2-3mins between sets.


Raise the Bar for your Chin-Up (

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