Wednesday, 7 May 2014

NAPFA after Common Tests

Hello All,

Kindly note:

NAPFA: Assessment during lesson times after Common Tests.

Normal lessons on the following days: 9 (S4-01, 4-02) , 12 (S4-03), 16 (S4-01, S4-02), 19 (S4-03), 20 (S4-03, S4-01) May.

Priority: 5 static stations.
2.4km will be timed after the 5 static stations are completed. *Students who intend to improve their stations are reminded to train / practice before attempting the NAPFA after their Common Test.

(There is school on T2 Week 10: 26 - 30 May but some lessons may be changed.

Note: There will be no NAPFA on Friday, 9 May after school.

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